Our Schools under MIMS Educational Services have passed through a developmental stage that is second to none. We have been steady and focused, industrious and determined, assiduous and thorough in what we know how to do best.

Moulding our future leaders is not only limited to Academics. Our spiritual attainment garlanded with pristine moral way of life has added value to the whole of being a student in our great school.

Knowing fully that a symbiotic relationship exist between knowledge and Education, knowledge only becomes Education when it is used positively for the benefit of individual and the larger society. On this note, we are fully on ground.

Twenty-Five years down the line, we have prepared our great students for various challenges in the realm of academics, leadership skill, social and spiritual matters. Our school results in the past years is original because we shun examination malpractice in all forms while our students gain admission into higher institutions with ease, under our tutelage, both within and outside the country.

Our teachers contributions to knowledge and advancement of Muslim children can never be over estimated. They are passionate, focus and resilience in the discharge of their responsibilities.

You are all welcome to Mims family, where our strength lies in brotherhood.


Prince AbdulMujeeb Ogungbayi

Board Chairman,

MIMS Group of Schools