Proprietor Speech

Asalam alaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuhu

I welcome you all to this citadel created for the benefit of all and the betterment of Muslim children at large.

Welcome to MIMS COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE where we nurture the soul and develop human achievements are so numerous to count both within and outside the state in short, our name has been written in gold.

Our two decades in the educational system with the creation of MIMS NURSERY & PRIMARY SCHOOL since 1996 coupled with human and material resources at our disposal, garlanded with our spiritual advancement had been secret of our success over the years.

Knowledge is a lost property, as said by our Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), MIMS is the school where to grab such knowledge. Our human and material resources are so unique to give us the best in various academics affairs.

My unique graduating students, always be mindful of your spiritual attainment and academics achievement in MIMS. We have done the best possible to enhance your learning in totality. It is our prayer to Allah as you move a giant stride toward future aspiration to be a successful and devoted servant governed with the message of Allah and His servant.

Part of our future academic development plan is to create an opportunity for admission of our self-reliance students into various higher institution beyond the boundary of this country. Our track records and discipline will make this a possible achievement.

On this note, I wish all our parents, teachers and management team a fulfilled and rewardable future





Welcome to MIMS Comprehensive College MCC, where we pioneer Islamic education. In MCC educational excellence and faith are connected!

It is a private school that serves over 200 students in J S 1 to S S 3.

MIMS Comprehensive College is distinguished amongst private schools in the state through its ability to offer a high quality educational program. As our students strive towards attaining a high academics level, we, at MCC pride ourselves on creating a healthy atmosphere, taking into consideration various psychological and social aspects which not only ensure the success, but create confident leaders of tomorrow.

Our members of staff are highly qualified to prepare the students for the needed skills for easy transition into the various universities across the country.

MIMS comprehensive college (MCC) is a co-educational school offering federal and state curriculum to classes from Junior secondary school 1(JS-1) to the senior secondary school ( SS-3) level. The school was founded in 2000 and is accredited by the State Ministry of Education and by other external exam bodies.

MCC provides its students with modern special rooms such as a spacious Biology lab, Chemistry lab, Physics Lab and an Home Economics room to prepare future Hotel and Home managers.  Indoor sports facilities, an equipped library, Basic Technology workshop, an art and computer room are provided for supporting the educational programs. We also offer our students a wide range of clubs and activities during and after school hours to produce well-rounded personalities with healthy social skills.

With all these, the students feel that they belong to a big family, which cares about their well-being in a safe and productive environment. MCC fosters good citizenship and leadership skills which help strengthen the student’s identity and personality.

We challenge our students and inspire them to expand their way of thinking. As our students begin to truly believe in themselves and their abilities, they develop the skills to succeed in school and life. We strive to provide the students with a friendly educational environment and support to prepare them for a bright future full of excellence and prosperity.

In a nutshell, MCC is proud of its commitment to life-long learning and a high quality of education cum spiritual development. Thus we decided to extend our achievements on the regional level by opening another annex in Epe and plans to fully utilise the more space to accommodate more and provide better in the coming future, in sha Allah.

The only way to be part of these, is by joining MIMS Comprehensive College, connect us via website;, email; We expect you to enquire us and see the testimonies people will give about us. We are and will continue to work relentlessly to save Islam, the image of our school and protect the future of your child/ward.

Thank you,